Strengthening of Seed Monitoring System of EQSSP


Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC), Seed wing, Ministry of Agriculture is responsible for all kind of development activities needed to monitor everything related to seed; for instance, quality check to import-export and what not. It is a crucial section of the agricultural sector of Bangladesh which generates most of the income source of Bangladeshi population. The importance of every single activity in this field is significant and very sensitive to look upon. The traditional way of monitoring each activity involved in this filed were backdated and inefficient to use. With growing digital presence in the world to strengthen the seed monitoring of Enhancing quality seed supply projecta digitalized monitoring platform was in need to create.


The aim of the whole project of EQSSP is to improve the capacity of three concerned agricultural institutions namely Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC), Bangladesh Rich Research Institute (BRRI) and Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI). The Seed Wing of Ministry of Agriculture will coordinate and oversee the overall implementation of the project on behalf of the Government.

This project was designed to develop a seed monitoring and evaluation based software. Through which several field of Seed wing department such as quality and quantity of seed used, seed dealer management, relevant surveys, supply management, document archive management, monitoring of seed production, import, sales or export etc. are handled online. This software helped to shorten the process of BADC seed wing in a most efficient manner.

Social Impact and Benefits

§  Baseline study of the quantity and quality of seed used in the country has been improve dramatically.

§  Seed monitoring and evaluation software for information dissemination on quantity and quality of seed determined prosperity across the whole country.

§  Seed Dealer Management was maintained with full authenticity.

§  Document archive management system helped to keep up to date data in a safe hand.

§  MIS development for monitoring information of seed production, import, sales and export by its public stakeholders (BADC, BARI, BINA, BRRI, DAE, SCA) and Private stakeholders (Private Companies and NGOs) was done organized which assisted in fine tuning major activities of DAE.

§  Data collection and report generation via this system can be done in a chronological way that will guide anyone to better understand the scenario.